Beat the Beep!

SENSI turf mats have sensors to track athletic running tests with ease. By using state of the art technology, tracking the aerobic capacity of multiple athletes on the field at once can be done without even looking up from an iPad.

The individual mats act as cones as the player runs over the sensors in the turf mats to send collected data to an application on an iPad, where it can then be stored and used effectively. Generating this information, anyone can now track the overall fitness level of a player.

The mats have the ability to track up to three different tests at once, ensuring you are receiving accurate data on athletic performance. With the SENSI turf mats, you can see data on the beep test, the Yo-yo test and the Coopers run. The sensors between the two mats have the ability to send real-time results to an iPad on the 20-meter sprint from point A to point B, a 40 meter sprint back and forth multiple times or a timed 12-minute run.

Streamline your multi-stage fitness tests today for any sport involving running, army academy training or police physicals with the SENSI turf mat.