Founder/CEO: Isabel Hunter (Izzy)

Tokyo technology

Professional football player, Isabel, created the first turf mat with sensors for agility testing that streamlines results on three different field tests to collect and store data information for athletes and coaches.

After being on the field with nearly 40 other players every practice, Isabel realized the need for a better way to track data for the beep test, the Yo-yo test and the Coopers run. The chances of missing when a player’s ‘beep’ sounded or when they might have dropped out early were vast. The SENSI mat was born from this idea to make these tests easier and more efficient, ensuring the players and coaches know the most accurate results for peak performance on the field.

The ‘why’ behind SENSI goes deeper than adding convenience for players and coaches, however. Throughout their professional playing career in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia and New Zealand, Isabel has seen the equality gap firsthand between men and women’s sports. They found that in every sport worldwide there is a gap that needs closed in a variety of areas such as field space, pay and available equipment. SENSI products are built for all athletes and teams in a hope to help close those gaps and level the playing field for everyone.